Next Skyrim DLC: Akavir Beats Redguard & Here’s Why [S&R]

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While all hopes are on a potential 4th Skyrim DLC based around Redguard and Hammerfell, the folks over at S&R have other suggestions.

Akavir is filled with potential and it was the birth place of dragons. It hasn’t been described in detail thanks to all the potential it offers and it would be perfect for the next DLC suggests the blog.

There are sweeping fields that are scattered with temples, such as the Sky Haven Temple. Rural villages that are strewn with paper lanterns.

It would also be easy to make existing races as Tesic would be argonians with features that are different. Ka Po Tun are Khajiit and the monkey people could be hairy orcs.

Everyone would want to pay a visit to Akavir as there is a big dragon there called Tosh Raka adds S&R.

If you are a Skyrim fan but are unclear as to what Akavir is, here is a refresher:

The continent of Akavir, also known as Dragon Land, is a landmass east of Tamriel.
The two continents have a history of animosity towards each other, with Akavir invading Tamriel several times in the past and Tamriel invading Akavir at least once. Much of what is known about it in Tamriel is acknowledged to be incomplete or inaccurate.

So what do you think of Akavir being the basis for the next Skyrim DLC? Would you fancy it more than Hammerfell?

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