4th Skyrim DLC Needs A Righteous Faction! (S&R)

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Almost all the factions in Skyrim are somewhat evil. They involve consulting with Deadra, along with killing and stealing from poor innocent people, before becoming a bloodthirsty vampire and then plotting an eclipse or becoming a crazed vampire hunter.

Now what the folks over at S&R suggest is that the 4th Skyrim DLC needs a faction for all the idealists and good doers out there, which is open to all styles of play, including mages, warriors, characters based on stealth and anything in between.

So the blog has a brand new idea for a different faction, as in every Elder Scrolls game the blogger has been a monk, and while this can be fun and challenging, the issue is that there isn’t a main faction that is very appealing to him or another character which is able to limit the content one can access in a play through.

So S&R suggests there could be monastery that has just been erected in Skyrim, this could start with a small temple and have a few followers from High Rock and it could then grow to a large temple as you go through the quest line along with undertaking side quests.

In the temple there should be a library where the monks translate books, along with adding in new ones and possible selling some, which would get cash for the upkeep of the temple.

A meditation room could also be included in the game.

There could be a grand master room, an apothecary where the monks are able to make potions along with all the usual other stuff.

There could be a courtyard which is where the warrior monks would be able to train and meditate.

New weapons would be included along with amours and robes.

The faction would send out patrols of warrior monks to keep things safe and help out any travellers that were in trouble, there could be bandit raids and small camps set up in Skyrim. The temple could grow thanks to people making a pilgrimage to it and they could make donations.

So what do you think of S&R’s suggestions for a righteous faction? Is there room in Skyrim for pure goodness? Or are they preaching up the wrong tree?

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