4th Skyrim DLC: Dragonborn Just Tip Of Iceberg

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Has Bethesda given us any clues about another DLC to follow Dragonborn?

Bethesda did tell us that there would be more Skyrim news. However they haven’t said anything else, but there is hope for more releases to come.

Pete Hines also said that they had plenty of ideas and have talked with Todd and the company is working on something big for Skyrim.

However a lot of time has gone by and Bethesda have not said anything recently.

Redguard was trademarked so it could be this that comes our way and nothing else has been trademarked. Redguard does sound a lot like Dawnguard though, which is poor, of course it could be that they are not at work on another DLC right now.

The DLC will either be huge or Bethesda will be concentrating on something else before they set about another DLC for Skyrim.

Ideas for another DLC could be a visit to Summerset Isles or the Isle of Artaeum. There might be a DLC focused on the Civil War, along with side quests, which could include the Psijic Order. Something based on the Dragon of Stros M`Kai might be a nice idea too suggests S&R.

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