4th Skyrim DLC: Why Bethesda Should Hold Back

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The decision makers over at Bethesda are having quite a hard time.

Would you want to be involved in either of the two scenarios below if you are in business?

You make the announcement of a DLC and say that it will be revealed on all platforms at the same time and then you come across a snag. However you don’t want to go back on the promise of the release on all consoles.

So you hold off from releasing on any platform and then frustrate equally and this causes people to lose interest, as you announced it before the end was anywhere near.

You announce the DLC on all platforms at the same time and then hit a snag and because you do not want to risk losing the interest of customers you then go on to something else.

You break your promise and release to release it on all consoles and then rush to finish the one that you left out, perhaps the Xbox 360.

Then fans of the console would be in arms as they would say they were left out and that you are showing favouritism, while the media says that you have been bought off or you are incompetent as you are having issues with the PS version of the DLC again.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for the Xbox 360, the PC and Playstation 3.

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