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Apple is having issues with the MacBook Pro and we are not just talking about the issue with the battery. Now it seems that owners are having problems with the keyboard of the laptop too.

The new MacBook Pro makes use of the butterfly switch keyboard, which was supposed to be an improved version over the original. This ensured that the laptop had a thinner design and so it was slimmer overall.

Some owners have found the lack of travel of the keys frustrating, more so for those who type a lot. Now some users have experienced new flaws with the keyboard and it seems to be affecting all models of the Apple MacBook Pro.

Issues have included keys that have just stopped working, keys that feel different to the others when pressed and keys that make louder clicking sounds when they are pressed. We have also heard complaints about the key registering twice when it was pressed just once.

Owners have said that Apple is fully replacing any keyboards on the Apple MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar, but those without the Touch Bar are being sent for repair. But have you had issues with your Apple laptop?

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