Samsung Galaxy S3 Has A Revolutionary Hidden Feature

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The new flagship smartphone by Samsung, the Galaxy S3, hit many markets last month. The Samsung Galaxy S3 as we know sports a super AMOLED, 1280x720p, 4.8 inch screen, 1GB RAM, a quad-core processor and an 8MP camera. You are also able to expand memory by up to 64GB using the MicroSD slot.

The launch was big news online and in the media, and while we thought everything about the S3 was revealed, there has been a leak of ‘training videos’ for the S3 with one in particular revealing something new.

The video is believed to originate from Sprint as the blog on which it was first posted is purportedly written by a customer service representative from Sprint/Nextel.

Samsung Galaxy S3 training video reveals how recently discovered TecTiles feature works

The 15 videos show us functions of the phone that we had already been aware of – for example, Burst Mode, which is a setting on the camera that provides no shutter lag whatsoever. Also S Beam, which is a more usable and updated adaptation of Android Beam. Smart Gestures is another of the features, which is quite an interesting one as you can adapt your phone so that it suits the way that you find easiest to work with your phone, for example ‘Direct Call’ which allows you, whilst in the middle of writing a text, to call that person. S-Voice was features on one of the videos too, and as most of you will know, it is the Samsung alternative to Siri by Apple which we all know from the celeb endorsed adverts. The video shows S Voice working with your personal preferences to learn how you like to operate and the things you are likely to want to know,etc.

Although we did recognise most of the features, as mentioned, there was one we didn’t recognise which goes by the name of Samsung TecTiles and has managed to stay out of the spotlight until now. From the training video, it looks as though the TecTiles are stickers outside of your phone, enabled by Near-field Communication, that allows the phone to perform functions that you have pre-set, just with a tap of the phone to the sticker. You can stick these stickers anywhere you like, for example stick it by your bed and then you can tap it to set your alarm before you go to bed for example. Well enough chatter, check out the video below to see the TecTiles in action on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

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