32GB Microsoft Surface Tablet Sold Out Already

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The 32GB Surface RT tablet from Microsoft has been available to pre-order for 24 hours and one of the models has apparently sold out already reports Electronista. This is the lower end of the scale Surface RT tablet shown on the product page of Microsoft for pre-order, which is now showing shipment as “within three weeks.” The blog points out that this is an indication that the device is sold out. The two high end devices are still being listed as being available for delivery 26th October.

32GB Microsoft Surface tablet sold out already

The $499 version of the Microsoft Surface tablet comes without the Touch Cover and this means that if you choose this version you are going to miss out on what is one of the primary selling points of Microsoft for the tablet. The Touch Cover however, along with the physical key based Type Cover can be bought separately.

For overall sales of the tablet, what the shipping figures means is anyone’s guess due to the fact that we don’t know how many of the devices Microsoft had reserved for launch. Analysts have said that Microsoft should be able to deliver around three and five million units of the Surface tablet, with this figure including the Surface RT and the Pro versions.

Microsoft has been pushing their Surface tablets as a choice for those that have productivity in mind. The device comes with multiple ports which allow the tablet to be connected to external display and different USB peripherals. The device comes with 32GB of storage hence the lower end RT model comes with twice the amount of space when compared with the 2012 New iPad. It also supports microSDXC card and comes loaded with a preview of Microsoft Office for Windows RT. When complete it will have the final version through an update.

Apps for the device can be downloaded in the Windows Store and the device works solely on these. The lower end model does not have the full version of Windows 8. It is thought that the Windows 8 store will have around 100,000 apps by February of 2013.

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