32GB Google Nexus 7 Already Hits Customer’s Doorsteps

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Back in the day when Google joyfully unveiled the 7” Nexus tablet (seems like ages, but it was only a few months ago), the company opted to keep things nice and simple by offering only 8GB and 16GB models. Obviously this wasn’t a great idea, as many people were disappointed with the lack of storage.

32GB Google Nexus 7 accidentally shipped to customer in Japan

Earlier today, Engadget reported that one lucky punter in Japan seems to have hit the jackpot with a Nexus 7 that has 32GB of storage. That’s right, twice as much storage as the Nexus 7 is supposed to have. The customer is believed to have ordered a 16GB model (well, you would, wouldn’t you?), but got a bit of a surprise!

Oddly enough, though, this surprise arrives at the same time as Mountain View is rumored to be announcing a more capacious 32GB model – it’s supposed to be out on October 24.

We’ll have to wait and see if this is really going to be the case. But given that someone already has one in their hands accidentally, and all the way in Japan, we doubt this is just a prototype 32GB Google Nexus 7 that accidentally got sealed and shipped to the Far East.

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