3,000 Horse Ford Mustang Is 5 Second Vehicle

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The Ford Mustang is selling very well at the moment and this is not that surprising when you take into account that this is a sports car that happens to be very easy to maintain.

When RHD got hold of the Ford Mustang it was greatly improved as they gave the vehicle 3,000 horse power. This meant that when they took the vehicle onto the track it ran it in just 5 seconds. Over in Australia it meant that it was known as the fastest turbocharged vehicle you could get.

The Ford Mustang can reach the figures thanks to the vehicle having the 632ci big-block engine and 106mm Garrett turbo and this gives it the 52lbs of rocket which gives it 3,000 horses.

The Ford Mustang is able to travel to a top speed of 254mph and this allows the vehicle to travel the quarter of a mile in 5.975 seconds.

You can check out the Ford Mustang in action in the video below.