$3 Android Lollipop Phone Sued By Apple Already

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It had already garnered much attention when Noida-based Ringing Bells announced its super cheap smartphone at just $3, and now it’s going to make more heads turned with the problems that are seemingly surfacing.

Freedom 251 may be the world’s cheapest smartphone, but it’s not that it doesn’t come with a price. In fact, Apple has already started filing complaints because of the amount of copyright infringement that they’ve violated onto their 251 phone. If you take a look at the comparison picture below (Freedom 251 on the left, and iPhone’s on the right), you’ll see that most (if not all) of the app icons are a complete rip-off. Plagiarism experts, if we have to say so.

display 1

And there’s also the fact that the 251 doesn’t look anything like their photos on their official Ringing Bell’s website. That’s because you’ll be able to see a shiny brand name that says Adcom emblazoned on the top of the display. Sure, you’ll be thinking that maybe it’s a joint venture between Ringing Bells and Adcom, or maybe the latter is the sole manufacturer of the phone, but in actual fact, nope. Adcom has been denying allegations made for manufacturing the phone and we are all left back to square one again. And did we mention that the 251 bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the iPhone 4s?

display 2

Since there have been so many problems emerging from what seemed like an innocent, decent-specs phone, you’ll probably have to think twice before making the purchase. But then again, it’s just Rs. 251 ($3), so it wouldn’t really be shattering your heart to pieces if it were to be facing lots of faulty hardware or software issues, right?

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