2030 BMW M Vehicles Electrifying Future Revealed

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BMW had made it clear that there will be working toward offering more electrified cars in the future but now they have given us more details on the M models and what those models will be offering.

CarAdvice reported that the electrification of the M models will be taken step by step as BMW feel like the timing is very important when it comes to delivering a successful product. While most automakers are rushing to hop on the electric train now, BMW will be taking it slow and steady as the main goal here would be to deliver a product that is not half-baked.

Of course, the main concern here is that the M cars will no longer drive like an M model after the electrification but BMW has assured their fans that their main goal is still to offer a vehicle with an impressive performance with the same feel.

It is believed that by 2030, BMW M cars could be all hybrid or EV models.

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