2027 Mazda Cosmo Is A Real Thing?

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The Mazda Cosmo was a grand touring coupe that went out of production a few years ago but it is clearly not dead yet.

Seen in the image here is the 2027 Mazda Cosmo. Seeing as the vehicle has always gotten some of the latest techs that Mazda has to offer, this is no exception as well.

The vehicle here was designed by Seok Hyun Kim and is actually built as a 1/5 scale clay model. The design is clearly not what Mazda has to offer right now which makes sense since we do not think Mazda will be keeping the current design until 2027.

According to the designer, the vehicle will come with an electric powertrain with a hydrogen-fueled rotary engine which will work as a range extender. The vehicle will also have 3D facial recognition and Level 4 autonomous features. How is that for a future vehicle?

Of course, chances of this making it into the real world is close to none but we can still dream.

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