2022 Fisker Ocean CES Debut Great But

While it is nice to see the 2022 Fisker Ocean make its mark at CES this year, we can’t help but feel like Fisker might be pushing it a little too much at this point.

It is nice to see people interesting in your upcoming model but when the vehicle will only be arriving in a few years, it feels like Fisker is doing this all a little too early. Of course, we know that Fisker is doing it as part of their business model to get enough deposits and investment to get the production start similar to what Tesla did but can they keep the hype ball rolling?

To reserve one, you will need to pay $250 no matter if you plan to lease it or purchase it. To purchase the vehicle, it will cost you $37,499. If you are looking to lease, you can do so with just $379 a month with a $2999 down payment. Customers can also choose to lease it for only a month, eight months, 22 months or years.

The vehicle will be powered by an 80kWh lithium-ion battery pack that will offer a range of 250 miles to 300 miles.