2021 Volvo V90 Cross Country Prototypes Did Not Bother To Hide

Volvo is still working hard to test out their S90 and V90 as the models were spotted out in the open. The V90 Cross Country prototype was spotted with barely any camouflage on although there were some black tapes covering parts of the vehicle.

Based on where they bothered to cover up, the 2021 model will most likely come with updated lights in the front and the back along with an updated bumper design. There might also be a set of new wheels.

The rear light design is not really a secret at this point as the lights were shown off with the prototype not too long ago. On the inside, the vehicle is also expected to come with a new infotainment system that will run on the Android OS.

As for what is under the hood, we will have to wait and see as Volvo has not made any announcement yet.