2021 Toyota Venza To Come Back With Some Electrification

There were some rumors last year suggesting that Toyota might be looking to being the Toyota Venza back into the market but as a crossover model that will be coming in 2021. To refresh your memory, the Venza was first released as a five-seater crossover that rode on the same platform as the Camry.

Toyota killed off the model in 2015 and now it looks like Toyota is looking to bring it back. On top of that, it was suggested that the vehicle could be arriving as a hybrid-only model. No word on what hybrid engine we will be seeing here but the RAV4 is currently bring powered by a hybrid powertrain based on a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

Besides news on the Venza, it was added that Toyota might be looking to debut their next-gen Sienna minivan next year that will come with a hybrid the only option while the Tundra is said to only go on sale December next year.