2021 Lexus IS Unveiling Happening Next Week

The Lexus GS might be on its way out of the market but the Lexus IS is still going strong as Lexus announces that they will be unveiling the 2021 Lexus IS next week.

Besides the announcement, a new teaser image was also released showing the lights on the upcoming model. Most of the vehicles were hidden in the shadow and brightening the image does not reveal much else too as the manufacturer made sure nothing else can be picked up from the images.

According to Lexus, the new model will be offered with a rear-wheel-drive system. It was also speculated that the base model could come in with a inline-six engine from BMW, the same engine that we have seen from the SUpra and Z4 model. There were also reports that the naturally aspirated V6 and turbo four-cylinder engine making it over.

The Lexus IS will officially make its debut on the 9th of June.