2021 Kia Ceed EV Could Be A Thing

Kia is no stranger when it comes to EV models as we have already seen them offering the e-Soul and e-Niro but we should also be seeing more from them in the future and new reports are now saying that one of the EV that we will be seeing soon will be the Ceed Ev model.

According to AutoNews, Kia is also planning on starting the production for their Xceed and Ceed plug-in hybrid model in November this year and the vehicle will be set to arrive in January. While that is nice to know, what was interested was that it was also mentioned that Kia is also considering a full-electric version.

On top of that, it was also added that the Imagine concept that we saw this year could also be turned into a production model and that we could be seeing it in two years time. Of course, Kia did not promise anything yet but it does sound like Kia is pretty serious about going electric.