2021 GMC Yukon New Secret Feature Is All About The Turn

It looks like the 2021 GMC Yukon might have come with a secret tech that most people did not know was available. Here is what we know now.

GMC recently too the covers off their 2021 GMC Yukon and while they did make it a point to point out some of the offerings that the vehicle will have, they did not mention anything about a Hurricane Turn feature. So how does the feature work?

According to some reprots, the new Hurricane Turn will be enabled when it detects that the driver has turned off the stability control system, cranked the steering sharp left or right and press on the accelerator. This will cause the brakes on the side the driver is steering towards to be enabled while the auter wheels spon turning the Yukon in a tighter and tighter circle.

According to GMC, this feature is not something that they wanted to work on and offer their drivers but something that came from their very precise calibration work.