2021 Ford Explorer XLT Sport Appearance Package Brought Back Once More

The XLT Sport Appearance Package is back once more for the 2021 Ford Explorer and here is all we know about the package.

The appearance package will be coming in to further enhance the appearance of the Ford Explorer with some updated features like the Carbonized Gray 20inch wheels with matching grille, skid plates, hood lettering, dual chrome exhaust tips and more.

On the inside, the vehicle will also be fitted with an ActiveX Light Slate two-tone seats with accent stitching, matching center console lid, door trim panels, satin silver interior trim and more. It was reported that 1 out of four Ford Explorer orders are ordered with the package so Ford is probably hoping that it would help boost the sales of the 2021 model.

We do not have images on how the new Sport Appearance Explorer will look like yet but it is expected to make an appearance a the Chicago Auto Show happening this week.