2021 Ford Bronco Sport Spotted With Barely Any Covers On

Ford will not be showing off the Ford Bronco as plan but the development for the Ford Bronco SPort continues and that means more spy shots will be coming our way. The new spy shots showed the Bronco Sport making its rounds with barely any covers on.

In terms of design, there is nothing really too surprising here since the Ford Bronco Sport has been leaked so many times now. We got to see the rectangular shaped headlights in from along with raised rood and chromed internal elements.

The Bronco Sport was also spotted next to the Ford Explorer giving us a rough idea of how big the Bronco Sport will be. Powering it should be a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine and a 2.0-liter inline-four engine. There were even talks about the Ford Escape Hybrid model 2.5 liter engine making its way over but we will have to wait and see.

The Ford Bronco Sport is expected to make its debut this year although Ford has not announced when yet.