2021 BMW M5: Spot The Difference

BMW is still working hard on giving the BMW M5 a much-needed facelift and while they are not ready to show it off just yet, the vehicle has been spotted out in the open a few times now with the latest spy shots showing the 2021 BMW M5 sitting alongside the current BMW M5. So what is the difference between the two?

From what we can see, the update will be pretty minor. Some of the more obvious changes would be the headlights with will now come with new LED daytime running lights. It also looks like the front grille and bumper will be updated as well. In the back, the taillights and bumper will also be getting an update for 2021.

Powering it will most likely be the same 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine that will be offering 617hp in Competition trim. There were also talks about a new twin-turbo V8 hybrid being offered but we will have to wait and see.