2021 BMW M4 Convertible Will Take Some Advise From Concept 4

While the BMW M4 Convertible is not the production version of the Concept 4, it was clear that BMW wanted some of the design features to make it over to the convertible.

The 2021 BMW M4 convertible was spotted getting tested out in the open and while BMW did try their best to make sure everything is well covered up, we could still make out some of the details including some of the Concept 4 styling cues.

From what we can see, the vehicle will be fitted with a massive grille with a set of slender headlights on both sides. Underneath it is the front bumper with huge air intakes in it. In the back, we can see the building gender flares and side shirts along with the high-performance braking system with blue calipers.

As the name alone would suggest, this will be the retractable soft-top version of the BMW M4 which will be powered by the same 3.0 liter M TwinPower Turbo engine that will be offering about 473hp and 442lb ft of torque. There is also a more powerful Competition version which will offer 503hp. The BMW M3 will be making its debut next year.