2020 Toyota Tacoma To Take 2019 Toyota Corolla’s Spot

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Not too long ago, Toyota announces that they will be building a new plant in Mexico and that the plant will be used to build the upcoming Toyota Corolla when it gets completed in 2019 but there is a change of plans now.

According to Toyota, the plant will only be completed in 2020 now and since the plant won’t be ready for the Corolla, the Toyota Corolla will now be built at their US plant alongside Mazda.

Once the new Mexican plant is completed, Toyota will be building the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck there. Toyota also told Automotive News that the production of the Toyota Tacoma will start in the first half of 2020 but they will be working to “advance the timing” of the production so that they can “minimize the impact to suppliers and the local community”

Toyota has invested about $1billion on the new Guanajuato plant in Mexico.