2020 Toyota Supra With Manual Transmission Heads To SEMA

Fans of the Toyota Supra have been begging Toyota to offer the vehicle with manual transmission for the longest time and now we will finally see one but European Auto Group.

The tuner has been offering manual drivers vehicles that do not come with manual transmission from the factory and their latest project will be the new Supra. To make that happen, they had to relocate the buttons for the parking brake, auto start/stop, lane assist system, and a few more controls.

The model will be fitted with a six-speed manual transmission taken from BMW that will work with the existing buttons and functions of the Supra. They also plan to create a custom gear knob for the vehicle so that it flip-up to uncover the buttons for the Sport mode.

So how much will it cost you to change your Supra to a manual? Well, the full manual conversion will cost $12,000 including labor and parts.