2020 Third-Gen Nissan Qashqai Not The Electric SUV Nissan Is Working On

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The current Nissan Qashqai has been around for some time now which means it is about time we get a new model from Nissan. According to AutoExpress, the new model will be arriving in 2020 and here is what they think the vehicle will offer.

According to the report, the vehicle will not only be getting a design change but it will also come with hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain now. This was after Ponz Pandikuthira, the Nissan vice president for Europe said that they are looking for a new platform for the Qashqai so that it can accommodate electric technology.

Before you go running off thinking that a full electric Qashqai will be coming our way, he did also add that they will probably not include full electrification as that would be a much bigger investment.

We know that Nissan is working on a new electric SUV that will be arriving in the near future but it looks like it won’t be the Qashqai.

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