2020 Porsche 911: Couldn’t Cover The Back Fast Enough

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The Porsche 911 was brought out for testing and while it is clear in the spy images that Porsche was trying to cover it up, it looks like they could not do it fast enough as spies managed to take a few shots of the rear.

The vehicle in the image looks like the yellow 992. The vehicle was fitted with a new set of rear lighting that matches what we have seen on the Porsche Panamera and Porsche Cayenne. Porche also made some changes to the lower bumper of the vehicle.

Of course, there was also some speculation that could actually be the Carrera S because of the quad exhaust tips and lack of a rear wing but there is no way to confirm or deny it right now.

No word on when Porsche plans to show us or release the new model so we can only sit tight and wait.

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