2020 Mercedes S-Class: New Details Picked Up!

The 2020 Mercedes S-Class was spotted getting tested out in the open and this time, we are able to pick up some new details about the upcoming model.

The latest spy shots showed the Mercedes S-Class with a little less camo on now and from what we can see, the vehicle now has real door handles now which will sit flush against the door and would most likely pop up when the driver is near.

What is missing now is the shark fin antenna on the roof which makes the car look very sleek and chic. We also got to see the mirrors which have thinner indicators now.

No new images of the interior were revealed but we did see a dual-screen layout the last time. The vehicle is also said to be coming in with Level 3 semi-autonomous driving tech and hybrid engine option with about 62miles of electric range to offer.

The Mercedes S-Class is expected to be unveiled in 2020.