2020 Mazda EV Will Come With Rotary Engine

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Mazda has made it clear that they have not given up on their rotary engine yet but nobody really knew what their plans were for the engine since that made it clear that it will not be for the Mazda RX model. Well, we finally have our answer now.

Mazda announced that their rotary engine will now be fitted to an electric car and will act as a range extender. In fact, we won’t have to wait that long to see the engine in action as the rotary-supported EV model will be coming in 2020 as a duo with the other model being a fully electric model. Chances are, these will be the same model but different variants.

Mazda added that the engine will be able to run on liquefied petroleum gas as well as gaseous fuels leading some people to speculate if Mazda will offer compatibility with other fuels in the future.

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