2020 Mazda 3 Braking Issue Leads To Recalls

Despite being pretty new, the Mazda 3 has been recalled a few times with the latest recall being over a braking issue.

According to the reports, the automatic emergency braking system on certain models would cause it to stop while driving activating the Smart Braking System automatic emergency braking. The vehicle could assume that there is an obstacle and response to it putting the driver and passenger is a further risk.

Owners might want to take note as Mazda has also added that a warning alarm will sound with a warning message display on the instrument cluster and head-up display when the vehicle is about the perform an emergency stop.

The issue has already been reported to NHTSA but has not been posted yet while the issue is easy to fix for some, it could be a little harder for others as earlier models will need to get the whole instrument cluster replaced.

Affected owners should get a notification by 17th of February next year.