2020 Honda Fit Will Not Be Taking Tiny Steps

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Honda will only be taking the covers off their Honda Fit in 2020 but the vehicle was caught getting tested out in the open giving us all an idea of what Honda has in mind for their upcoming Honda Fit.

The vehicle was still heavily covered in camo stickers but we could still see some of the details like the headlights and taillights which has horizontal shapes giving it a more grown-up design. Some people also pointed out that the car looks lower than before but it could be because the skirts and bumpers are extended further down now.

Honda fans were worried that Honda would increase the size of their Fit as they have been doing that with the other Honda models but based on the prototype, it looks like they will be keeping it small.

Under the hood could be the 1.0 liter boosted three-cylinder engine. There were also talks about a hybrid engine getting added to the mix as well as an all-electric version but we will have to wait and see.

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