2020 Ford Bronco Showing Off All Four Doors

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We know that Ford will be bringing the Ford Bronco back but there are still a lot of details that Ford did not reveal about the upcoming Ford Bronco. However, there were some new speculations that suggest that the Ford Bronco could be coming in with four doors. If that is the case, how will the model end up looking like?

Well, thanks to the guys over at Bronco6G, we might have the answer. They came out with a new rendering showing us what they think the Ford Bronco will look like with four doors on.

They stretched out the vehicle so it is longer now and they added on the extra doors at the back. The design is heavily based on the Ford F-150. Overall, the fans were pretty happy with what they came out with

Of course, this might not be how the vehicle will look like when it arrives but nobody would mind it if it does end up looking like this.

You can check out the renderings here.

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