2020 Ford Bronco: Design From Ford Everest, Source Claims

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There was some good news for fans of the Ford Bronco during the Detroit Auto Show when it was said that the Bronco would be making a return back into the US by 2020. Now we have heard that the design for the Bronco may come from the Ford Everest.

The 2020 Ford Bronco has been the centre of attention for many years and it is going to be the most eagerly awaited vehicle. But if we can believe the person who says they are a designer for Ford, then the vehicle may be a big let-down and it might not be worthy of having the Bronco name.

A user on RedditAMA with the name of FordDesignBurner said that they work as a designer on the new Ford Ranger and they said “It will essentially be a rebadged Everest but there will be differences. It will be a 4 door. I definitely can’t discuss pricing in detail but it will be competitive with the Colorado and cheaper than a similar F-150.”

When asked to verify that he worked with Ford he said that he had provided proof by way of his ID to the moderators of the sub. However someone else made the following comment “I call BS” and I’m naturally nervous over this. I also have to tell you that this AMA is not in any way sanctioned by management, I am doing this because I am a Ranger owner. That is why there are certain details (drivetrain combinations, price points) that I won’t give more than a vague answer on – I know what direction it’s heading, but those are details that, if leaked, would start a witch hunt.”

We had heard that the Ford Bronco would have the base of the Ford Everest in the past. However if the person who says they are a designer at Ford is the real deal it will have a different badge then the Bronco could be a big disappointment.

The same person said that the 2020 Ford Bronco is being tested alongside the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited and went on to say that it would offer up off the road capabilities that are similar to the Ford Ranger.

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