2020 Audi S3: Imagination Needed For US Model

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Audi has made it clear that they are looking to revamp their lineup and it looks like the A3 model is one of the next models to get the treatment from Audi. The Audi S3 was spotted out in the open and while we won’t be getting this model here in the US, we might be able to pick out some clue as to what the Audi A3 sedan will look like when it arrives in the US.

The A3 sedan design will most likely be based on the vehicle seen in the spy shots. The A3 will most likely be coming in with a huge hexagonal grille along with a cleaner design as the vehicle seems to have fewer creases and lines now. In the back, the vehicle was fitted with slimmer taillights.

If you want to see how the A3 sedan will look like, just add a trunk in the back and that should be about it. The Audi A3 is expected to arrive as a 2020 model which means we will only be seeing it late next year or early 2020.