2019 Toyota Supra Is On Fire

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Toyota began collaborating with BMW some years ago on what many people thought would be the next generation Toyota Supra. We have also heard that the company is going to offer up a brand new platform and provide help with building the next generation of the Z4.

It is thought that the next gen Toyota Supra will be making its first public appearance this year as there has been many signs pointing to this, with one being many spy shots surfacing over the past months.

Toyota also said that the next generation of the Toyota Supra is ready to be unveiled. If the rumours pan out then the vehicle may be unveiled at the Tokyo Auto Show.

At the moment we are not sure about the design of the 2019 Toyota Supra but we have seen concept from a fan that shows the vehicle looking red hot. The render was based around the latest spy photos and it has F1 styling.

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