2019 Toyota Supra Fans Getting Impatient With Them

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Toyota has been releasing small pieces of information of the upcoming Toyota Supra and it looks like Toyota’s fans are running out of patience.

We know that the Toyota Supra will be sharing some tech with BMW and thanks to the latest teaser image, we also got to see how the Supra shape will be like. Toyota also announced that they will be bringing the Supra to Goodwood although most people believe that the vehicle that Toyota will be showing off in the event will be just like the teaser image and that it will still be covered up by the camo stickers since it does not look like BMW is ready to show off their model yet.

Some fans are saying that they will be very frustrated if the Supra ended up being a prototype or were heavily covered. The good news is that the Supra will actually go up to the hill at the event so at least we can see the vehicle in motion and listen to that engine purr.

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