2019 Toyota Corolla: Is This Enough To Overthrow Civic?

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The 2019 Toyota Corolla is coming with the platform that has been seen on the Prius and CH-R and its offers these a superior ride. This means we cannot wait to see what it brings to the new Corolla.

We have just seen the 2019 Toyota Corolla out in testing but will it have what it needs to be able to take over the Honda Civic, even with the new platform?

The new Toyota Corolla was under wraps and it was camouflaged held together with sticky tape, which was rather odd. The current gen of the Corolla came out in 2013 and the models look very different in the US and Europe, but underneath they are basically the same.

Of course you cannot judge the 2019 Toyota Corolla prototype only on its outward looks. We know that Toyota has a taste for a crazy design, and this proves it has it offers the round looking headlights of a car from the 1980s. The taillights of the vehicle seem to be from the US spec of the Corolla.

The placing of the mirrors do catch the eye as they are now further from the door and this seems to be totally the opposite of what other car makers are doing right now. The hood has a design that is similar to the current version, which is a type of clamshell.

With the summer testing season almost upon us we should start to see more of the 2019 Toyota Corolla production car in testing. However the one we saw couldn’t be called a test mule as its chassis was fully formed and from what we can the wheels are not connected to a measuring device.

We are not expecting the Toyota Corolla to make its debut in the showrooms before 2019.

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