2019 Subaru Ascents Owners To Get A New Replacement Due To Coding Error

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Subaru will be issuing a recall to bring back some of their 2019 Subaru Ascent after it was discovered that the Ascent is missing a few critical spot welds required to hold the second-row door hinges.

It was reported that the issue was with the coding with the welding robots at their Indiana Automotive plant. The missing weld also means that the structural integrity of the Ascent would be compromised which would put the driver and passenger is more risk in an accident.

Since they won’t be able to repair the vehicles affected, those recalled will be sent to the crusher while the owners will be getting a replacement Ascent. A total of 293 units were affected by the issue and only nine of those were delivered to the customers. Other are still stuck in the dealer’s lots or still in transit.

Those affected have been contacted by Subaru since the 26th of July.

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