2019 Ram 1500 Will Not Follow New Aluminium Trend

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To further improve the fuel efficiency and performance of a truck, a lot of automakers have resorted to replacing their parts with new aluminium parts. Since Aluminium is lighter, it will help reduce the overall weight of the vehicle which will improve the performance and fuel efficiency of the car but that is not what Ram is looking to do with their Ram 1500.

Some spies managed to get up close and personal with the Ram 1500 and tested it out with a magnet. What he found out was that besides the good and the tailgate, the rest of the vehicle was still made out of steel.

We also know that the Ram 1500 will be coming in with an upgrade front and back fascia and that the cab will now be larger. We are also expecting to see a hybrid engine option when the vehicle arrives.

Ram has not given us a date yet but most people believe that the Ram 1500 will be making its debut at the Detroit Auto Show next year.

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