2019 Ram 1500: Looks Figured Out

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At this point, nobody really knows when the 2019 Ram 1500 will be unveiled. We know that it will most likely be next year but no release date or window has been announced yet.

While we will still have to wait for Ram to pull the covers off, the design of the Ram 1500 is not exactly a complete mystery since there have already been a fair amount of leaks and speculation.

We know that the grille and badge will be completely new in front. Ram will be giving the Ram 1500 a brand new grille that will look nothing like the grille they have been offering all these years. The RAM logo in front will also look different now.

Instead of the iconic Ram logo, we will be seeing a Ram script that is similar to the one we have seen on the Ram Rebel. We are also expecting Ram to offer a few grille option so that the luxury and off-road models don’t get mixed up.

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