2019 Mercedes A-Class Could Have Been Better If Their Copied Audi

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The upcoming 2019 Mercedes A-Class would be coming in as the most aerodynamic new car on sale this year which is pretty impressive but we can’t help but feel that it could have been even better if they took some advice from Audi.

The Mercedes A-Class is said to be coming in with the Cd value of just 0.22 which is pretty impressive since the Viper which looks pretty slippery can only offer about 0.45.

According to Mercedes, they manage to get the numbers so low by minimizing the frontal area of the vehicle and developing sealing further to includes the headlap surroundings and more. Mercedes will also be offering an optional shutter system from the radiator grille to further reroute the airflow although this will only be offered in some others.

With Audi now showing us that they can make do without their side mirrors, maybe we would get to see the Mercedes A-Class lose its side mirrors in the near future and would help further improve its aerodynamics.

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