2019 Mazda 3 Won’t Leave Kai Behind

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While some automaker would choose to leave the concept behind when they make some design changes to their production model, it is clear that Mazda is not going to do that to their Kai Concept and Mazda 3.

The fans were clearly very impressed with what the Kai Concept had to offer when Mazda took the covers off so it made sense that Mazda would want their Mazda 3 to look as close to the Kai Concept as possible.

We have not seen what the Mazda 3 will look like when it arrives but based on what we have seen from spy shots, it is clear that the production model will look very similar to the concept. Besides the design upgrade, the Mazda 3 will also be coming with the new SkyActiv-X petrol engine.

According to Mazda, the engine’s MPG figure will be close to what a diesel engine will be offering. Does that mean that diesel-powered models won’t be offered anymore?

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