2019 Mazda 3: Engine Not The Only Upgrade Worth Taking Note Of

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We all know that the Mazda 3 will come in with a new engine and while that is exciting, that the not the only thing Mazda has to offer on the 2019 model.

A new set of leaked images revealed the changes that Mazda will be making on the inside of the Mazda 3. Based on the images, it looks like there will be two configurations. The first configuration is similar to what we have right now with the tachometer in the middle and the other details on the left and right of the meter.

The second configuration is more exciting, the speedometer and tachometer in split into two with incomplete circle while the temp, fuel capacity, gear, and range will be at the bottom. We still do not know what Mazda will be housing in the center.

Some people think that these configurations re swappable while others think that there might be more to it.

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