2019 Lexus NX: Android Auto Still Missing

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Toyota step out today to make some interesting announcement about their future Toyota and Lexus models. According to Toyota, they will be fitting their future car with Alexa this year but so far, they have not said anything about adding the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support.

Toyota revealed that vehicles with the EnTune 3.0 and EnForm 2.0 infotainment systems will be one of the first to get their new Alexa voice-controlled app which will allow the driver to do certain task from their vehicle like heating up or cooling down the house before they arrive, control another smart device, take notes, set reminder and more.

While they did not reveal which models will be getting it first, most people believe that the Lexus NX could be one of the first to get the app since it does come with EnForm 2.0. Other Lexus models that might be getting the app includes the LC, RC, and LS.

As for Toyota, the Camry and Sienna could be first since they are fitted with EnTune 3.0. Fans were hoping that Toyota will also start offering the Apple CarPlay support and Android Auto this year but at this point, we still do not know if that is going to happen or not.

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