2019 Lexus LS Moves Closer To Toyota Mirai

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We are expecting the next generation Lexus LS to come with the hydrogen fuel cell powertrain in 2019 and it is going to be the premium counterpart to the Toyota Mirai when it arrives.

The Lexus LS is going to arrive with the powertrain that is along the same lines as the LF-FC and this means that we can expect to see an electric motor for the wheels at the back and two in-wheel motors that will send power to the front.

The boss of Lexus just stopped short of confirming the Lexus LS for production but he did say that a hydrogen powertrain would be the ideal for the vehicle. He said that the company knows how to make fuel cells and that the biggest challenge was for how to package it with a vehicle that has to have a certain level of performance.

The Lexus LS will also come in the shape of a V8 hybrid that should bring with it plenty of technology, including autonomous driving and gesture control.

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