2019 Lexus ES: Side Mirror Makes Ways For Camera

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While we have already seen concept cars doing away with side mirrors in favor of cameras, not many production models actually come without a side mirror but it looks like Lexus is looking to do that on their production model.

According to the reports, the Lexus ES will be coming in without its side mirrors. Instead, it will be getting a small, aerodynamic camera stalks. The camera will be fitted into the stalks so that the driver will have a constant video feed to the five-inch display at the base of the A-pillars.

One of the reasons why the side mirrors are being replaced is because of the aerodynamics. These new cameras will have less drag. This in return will improve the fuel economy of the vehicle as well.

However, this will only be offered in Japan for now. As for when it will be coming to the US, we might still have to wait as it is not yet legal here.

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