2019 Land Rover Defender vs Ford Bronco vs Jeep Wrangler: The Fight We Need

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When competition heats up in the auto market, consumers benefit. Well, competition is about to heat up among iconic 4×4 nameplates, and fans stand to gain from the return of the Land Rover Defender as well as Ford Bronco at the end of the decade.

They would be coming up against the fourth-gen Jeep Wrangler, which is set to be unveiled by the end of this year before being released first as a 2018 model.

We know a lot about the upcoming Wrangler, or at least there’s plenty of information available on the vehicle at this point; but concerning the Defender and Bronco, there’s not much to go on right now.

Jeep is incorporating a lot more aluminum into the construct of the Wrangler in order to boost its fuel economy figures. To that end, the automaker is also improving its aerodynamics, though it wouldn’t reflect too much on the SUV’s front fascia design, which is going to remain largely unchanged.

Jeep Wrangler

Besides that, a pickup truck variant has been confirmed for the Wrangler, besides the possibility of a mild hybrid powertrain. And yes, the Land Rover Defender could also end up with these variants.

But more importantly, the Defender would pack the most punch with special models from JLR’s SVO arm. There would be one for high performance wearing the SVR badge and another for extreme off-road using wearing the SVX badge.

Impressive tech, such as autonomous driving tailored for off-roading and cutting edge transmission and engine features, should also be expected for the Defender. We haven’t seen any mules of this British icon out in the wild yet, but JLR has confirmed late last year that some prototypes have already been developed.

Ford Bronco (render)

As for the Ford Bronco, which has recently just been confirmed at the Detroit Auto Show, we know that it would be sharing the body-on-frame build of the Ford Ranger and would be built beside the pickup at Ford’s Michigan plant.

Apart from that, clues on its specs have been pretty scarce. However, there have been reports, albeit unconfirmed ones, which claim that the Bronco’s architecture would be based on the Ford Everest and that it would be priced a slightly cheaper than the Chevy Colorado.

Among the three vehicles here, the rugged Blue Oval off-roader would be the latest to arrive. The Wrangler is set for 2018, the Defender for 2019, and the Bronco for 2020.

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