2019 Land Rover Defender: Somebody Got There First

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We are all waiting for Land Rover to bring in their new Defender and while we know Land Rover is working on it, Ineos was a few steps faster.

While we will only see the Land Rover Defender in 2019, those looking for a 4X4 will now have the Ineos to fulfil their needs. The 4X4 will be Ineos first ever vehicle. The chemical firm has decided to invest hundreds of millions on a new vehicle for the UK market.

The Head of the Company, Jim Ratcliffe announces that the new 4X4 will reflect the philosophy of the Defender. The vehicle will be powered by a diesel engine and if it turns out successful, the company plans to offer it in Africa and the US as well.

Do you think the company has what it takes to take on the popular Land Rover Defender?

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