2019 Land Rover Defender Set To Bring Features That Stun

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We are getting closer to seeing the return of the Land Rover Defender and fans are bursting at the seams to get behind the wheel as the vehicle is going to bring with it some great features along with technology.

We are expecting the Land Rover Defender to make its way out during 2019 and with it will come semi-autonomous driving capabilities. This isn’t to say that the vehicle is going to drive itself while you lay back and take a nap. Instead it means that it will have a system that allows the vehicle to take charge and adapt depending on the ground.

One example that was given was if you were driving along a dirt road and came across a huge puddle in the road. The vehicle would adapt to the terrain and make changes on its own.

We are expecting to see the 2019 Land Rover Defender arrive with the eight speed dual clutch and this is going to be perfect for going off the road. At the moment the system has the code name of POLAR 3 and it offers up 442 torque.