2019 Land Rover Defender: How Should They Go About It?

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We are still waiting for Land Rover to take the covers off the 2019 Land Rover Defender model. According to Land Rover, the vehicle will be coming with a new design and while that might be good news for some, others think it could be disastrous.

According to Richard Woolley of Land Rover, the Defender will come in with a different design and that the new design will be as impressive or maybe even better than what the 2019 Mercedes G-Class has to offer right now.

As nice as that sound, some people are worried that the new design would mean that the Defender will lose all its characteristic. We do know that the vehicle will still be getting the same underpinning which means the models should still look familiar. At least that is what some of the fans are hoping.

What do you think? Should Land Rover go all out and give it a completely new design or should they stay close to the previous models?

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