2019 Land Rover Defender Have To Choose Their Steps Cautiously

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Getting a refresh a usually a good thing but when it comes to models like the Land Rover Defender, things might not be as easy as it seems as the automaker will have to make sure they have the right balance between offering their customers something fans and also keeping the vehicle recognizable.

With models like the Defender, some fans are dead set on seeing the vehicle appearing a certain way and if the automaker strays too far from that, the fans might turn their back on it as they feel like the vehicle has lost its identity.

With the Land Rover Defender, Jaguar Land Rover has already made it clear that it will be different as they think it has to be if it wants to compete in the current market but it will also be riding on the same platform so maybe we might still some of the old Defender in it.

The last leak also suggests that the Defender will be one of the three new models that Jaguar Land Rover is looking to release in the near future.

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